US History Subject Area Test Information

The U.S. History Subject Area Test uses higher level thinking questions to assess their learning from the material in the course. This course covers foreign and domestic policies of the United States from 1877 to roughly 2010. As with all state test, attendance for this course plays a huge role in your child's opportunity for success. Tutoring is available before, during, and after school. If you have any concerns please email your child's teacher. Below you will find links to information about the U.S. History test and study aids for the content. 


Hip Hughes U.S. History Videos - These are informal videos done by an exceptional and respected teacher out of New York. His videos are short introductions to topics that are covered in our course. When you click on this link students will benefit from watching any videos from number 68 thru 132.


Crash Course - These are a series of videos similar to Hip Hughes however, they are more summative in nature. This requires the students to have some previous knowledge of the material in order to follow his lecture. Students can benefit from watching the videos between number 24 thru 49. 


USA Test Prep: Is an online tutoring website paid for and provided by the school. Your child should already be registered with this site and know how to use it. If they are not registered please contact your child's teacher.